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Investment Arbitration & Public International Law

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Representation of the Republic of Panamá in an ICSID investment arbitration under the USA-Panamá BIT. (Yoram Moussaieff v. Republic of Panama, ICSID Case No. ARB/22/26)

Representation of a Latin American State in the enforcement of an ICSID award within a EU State. (AFC Investment Solutions S.L. v. Republic of Colombia, ICSID Case No. ARB/20/16)

Representation of a Spanish investor in an ICSID annulment proceeding pertaining a construction and infrastructure investment in the Middle-East. (Rizzani de Eccher S.p.A., Obrascón Huarte Lain S.A. and Trevi S.p.A. v. State of Kuwait, ICSID Case No. ARB/17/8)

Represented the Kingdom of Spain in over 40 major investment arbitration run under ICISD, UNCITRAL and/or the Arbitration Rules of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce for claims brought by multiple investors under the Energy Charter Treaty in relation to Spanish Photovoltaic sector. Acted as lead counsel in the two greatest victories of the Government: the Green Power v. Spain case (first case ever where the intra¾EU objection was upheld) and CSP Equity v. Spain (1.5 billion Euros).

  • SCC Cases: Charanne and Construction Investments v. Spain, SCC (062/2012), CSP Equity v. Spain (2013/094), GreenPower v Spain (2016/135), Alten v. Spain (2015/036), Freif Eurowind v. Spain (2017/060), Triodos v. Spain (2017/194).

  • ICSID: AES Solar and others (PV Investors) v. The Kingdom of Spain, PCA Case No. 2012-14, BayWa v. Spain (15/16), Canepa v. Spain (19/4), Cavalum v. Spain (15/34), Cube v. Spain (15/24), DCM v Spain (17/24), E.ON v. Spain (15/35), EBL v. Spain (18/42), Eiser v. Spain annulment 13/36), Eurus v. Spain (16/4), Hydro Energy v. Spain (15/42), Infracapital v. Spain (16/18), Infraestructure Services v. Spain (13/31), Infrared v. Spain (annulment 14/12), Itochu v. Spain (18/25), JGC v. Spain (annulment 15/27), KS Invest v. Spain (15/25), Landesbank v. Spain (15/45), Masdar v. Spain (annulment 14/1), Mathias Kruck (15/23), Mitsui v. Spain (20/47), Nextera v. Spain (annulment 14/11), Opera Fund v. Spain (15/36), Portigon v. Spain (17/15), Renergy v. Spain (14/18), RREEF v. Spain (13/30), RWE v. Spain (14/34), Sapec v. Spain (19/23), Sevilla v. Spain (16/27), Solar 1 and 2 v. Spain (21/39), Solar Farms v. Spain (18/45), Solar Jerez v. Spain (19/30), Soles Badajoz v. Spain (15/38), Stardwerke v. Spain (15/1), Sun Flower Olmeda v. Spain (16/17), TS Villalba v. Spain (21/43), Watkins v. Spain (17/44), Iberdrola v. Guatemala (09/5).

  • UNCITRAL Cases: Corcoesto v. Spain (2016/26), EDF v. Spain (AA v. Spain (AA613), PV Investors v Spain (2012/14), Iberdrola v. Bolivia (settled before registration).

Representation of a group of Mexican shareholders and bondholders in an investment arbitration under the UNCITRAL and ICSID Arbitration Rules arising out of the deprivation of their rights and interests in Spain’s fifth largest bank as a consequence of its resolution and sale through the Single Resolution Mechanism (SRM). The arbitration involved parallel proceedings before the Court of Justice of the European Union and discovery proceedings before the Southern District Court of New York. The two arbitrations were consolidated. (Antonio del Valle Ruiz et al v. Kingdom of Spain, PCA Case No. 2019-17; GBM Global et al. v. Kingdom of Spain (ICSID)

Representation of a British investor in the first stages of investment arbitration against a EU State arisen out of the State’s regulatory changes in the PV sector.

Interim representation of the Kingdom of Spain in proceedings challenging the recognition and registration of an arbitral award before the High Court of Commerce and Property in England and Wales (Infrastructure Services Luxembourg S.à.r.l. and Energia Termosolar B.V. (formerly Antin Infrastructure Services Luxembourg S.à.r.l. and Antin Energia Termosolar B.V.)​ v. Kingdom of Spain, ICSID Case No. ARB/13/31).

Partly assistance in the administration of an UNCITRAL investment arbitration brought by a USA investor under the Ecuador- USA Bilateral Investment Treaty in relation to Ecuadorian measures in the oil sector. (Chevron Corporation and Texaco Petroleum Corporation v. Ecuador (II), PCA Case No. 2009-23)