Negociation & Conciliation

Negotiation and conciliation tasks in a law firm are essential to resolve legal disputes efficiently and avoid protracted litigation. Our capabilities include effective communication skills, strategic analysis and a thorough knowledge of the applicable law, all with the goal of resolving disputes efficiently and to the benefit of clients:

1. Case analysis: Before beginning any negotiation or settlement, our experts work with you to fully understand the case, including the facts, applicable laws and possible solutions.

Identification of interests: It is crucial to identify the interests of all parties involved in the dispute. We apply a multidisciplinary strategy that encompasses economic, emotional or commercial interests.

3. Strategy development: Based on the analysis of the case and the interests identified, our lawyers develop strategies to reach favorable agreements for the client. This may involve determining negotiation slack and defining priorities.

4. Communication: We work for you by acting as intermediaries between the parties in conflict, facilitating communication and negotiating on behalf of the client. We assist in face-to-face meetings, telephone calls, e-mail exchanges, etc.

5. Proposals and counter-offers: During negotiations we participate in the presentation of proposals and counter-offers with the objective of reaching a mutually acceptable agreement.

6. Mediation and conciliation: In some cases, we may resort to alternative dispute resolution methods, such as mediation or conciliation, acting as an impartial third party to help the parties reach an agreement.

7. Settlement drafting: We take your case from end to end, drafting the final agreement, to ensure that all terms are clear and legally binding.

8. Follow-up: After a settlement is reached, we can provide ongoing advice to ensure compliance with the agreed terms and resolve any problems that may arise.